Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rough Theatre

My rough theatre......I don't really know what mine would be. What would make a film stand out to me would be realism. So I guess sounds and smells would create my rough theatre. I imagine that if there was a footage of a forest there would be sounds of nature: squirrels, trees, birds....etc. If you see someone walk to a campsite you would smell smoke or s'mores. I guess there are multiple things to create rough theatre and it is different depending on the person.

Monday, October 27, 2014


This was an interesting weekend dealing with the bolex camera. It is a challenge to film knowing you only had one take so rehearsal was a key aspect in our shoot. We spent a good 30 to 45 minutes practicing our movements, camera movements and timing to make sure we could film everything in a minute. It was a fun experience, when we developed the film and shoed to the other group. It looked fantastic! I can't wait to bring it into post and add my own twist to our film.

72 hour Media fast

Hehehe...This was an interesting experience to do. Especially in this day and age where technology and media is a part of life. I follow fantasy football and decided to do the fast during the weekend. That was a mistake seeing how a lot of my players were injured and I couldn't change my roster at all. It is also terrible when I hung out with my friends and they would ask my why I would be playing someone on "injured reserved" and all I could tell them was I wasn't allowed on media. It was a struggle going to the gym and ignoring the the TVs around there showing news. It was a rough 3 days. I never knew how much media was a part of my life and how much I missed it. This fast opened my mind about media and that I should lay off it once in a while.

Being Cameraless

Being in Film Studies, I've have always used a camera for my shoots. When it came time to due an assignment where one was not provided it was a challenge. I was so used to framing my shots but was hand a film strip instead. Through this exercise without the use of a camera, I have gained a lot more respect towards filmmakers, who scratch,  before our time. The amount of detail they put in to create art is astounding. It teaches us that we don't need a camera, actors or special software to create visually appealing films. It can be all unique and abstract and can convey different meanings, all you need is a little patience and time and you can make film out of anything like film strip.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sound creates the illusion

The video Listen made a point on the importance of sound. Sound creates the environment along with the visual. If the visual is of a wilderness and the sound doesn't match, the audience would be confused. The importance of sound in film is amazing. It creates a perspective like the audience is in the film. We can imagine that we are in the film world and with the story. Without sound, the film creates an awkward mind set and makes people feel uneasy. Sometimes it can work for horror films but generally you would want sound in film.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Wonders of Synesthesia

While I was reading this, the first things that popped in my mind was superpowers and magic.
Chromesthesia is the when someone associates sound with color I thought that was one of the more interesting things about Synesthesia. I thought it was something only seen in film and couldn't actually be a real thing. Another form of Synesthesia I thought was fascinating was the 
Mirror-touch synesthesia. It reminded of the trick magicians do where they would touch doll and their subject say that they feel it. I learned form this page and enjoyed it a lot. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pleasing Visuals

Begone Dull Care
I cam into this class thinking we would be covering narrative films and Begone Dull Care turned out to be experimental. I like the score of the music and how it synced with the visuals. There were vibrant colors mixed with darker ones and that really caught my attention. Even though this is experimental, my favorite parts of the film was the sound of guitar strings being strum and the line that would shake to correspond with it. I also liked how the colors would transition to be a fast pace visual to a slow paced one when needed.